Win an Oculus Quest from LIV & YUR! Announcing the 2019 Mixed Reality Replay contest!

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LIV and YUR are giving away an Oculus Quest along with hundreds in game keys to the content creator who submits the best Mixed Reality video. You also may be featured in an upcoming YUR & LIV video!

The rules are simple:

  1. Create and submit around 30 seconds of Mixed Reality footage of you doing something active and epic in your favorite VR game. It could be of you re-enacting John Wick in Super Hot, being the Jedi Luke wishes he could be in Beat Saber, a bad-ass ninja assassin in Blade & Sorcery, Han Solo in Space Pirate Trainer / Audica, or just look like you should star in the next VR fitness show. Get creative!

  2. Scores don’t matter in the play-through, but it’s about how you look while recording. We want to see you and your movements captured in creative ways. Think more “Neo from the Matrix dodging bullets” than “Scoresaber leader Taichi “just” moving his hands at ungodly speeds in Beat Saber”

  3. Videos must be submitted by midnight PST on Wednesday 9/18/2019

  4. Have fun, be creative and good luck! Can’t wait to see your submissions!!

Additional Details:

  1. You can edit together your RAW footage to showcase it, but the contest is not based on your editing skills. Submit both a 30 second preview (that you can choose to edit if you wish) AND the RAW footage so we’ll be able to use it in an upcoming video if it gets selected.

  2. This contest is for MR content only. Full body Avatar tracking or any other type of static video will not count.

  3. All submissions should be entered through the forum here:

  4. Good luck!!