About THG

Team Heartland Gaming is a gaming organization that features a stream team, competitive esports teams and casual players alike. Founded in November of 2017 by theSTOVE, QTpop and RampageKC. THG started when a group of midwest gamers had a desire to start their own inclusive and friendly group of local players. We've been quickly growing and our group members now hail from many different states and countries all over the world. Our Discord server has over 700 members! Our casual members and streamers play all sorts of games like PUBG, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Beat Saber, Osu!, Minecraft, The Division, WoW and many more! Looking for an active VR community? Look no further! THG has hundreds of active VR members ranging from players, streamers, developers and testers! THG is currently seeking building competitive rosters for PUBG, CS:GO and Apex Legends.