Synth Riders – A VR Synthwave rhythm game

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Synth Riders is a challenging VR rhythm game where a player must hit different colored notes and note streams that fly by on either side of them. Each note is a 3D sphere that zooms by on the beat of the pulsating retro synthesizer music. Blue notes must be hit with the left hand, pink notes must be hit with the right hand, green notes must be hit with one hand only (either right or left) and orange notes must be hit with both hands at the same time. There are four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard and expert.

Synth Riders was born out of a passion for rhythm and speed games. We combined these elements with a retro aesthetic and synthwave music to create a unique virtual reality experience that integrates a futuristic world that is infused with an 80’s sensibility. Synth Riders is the latest creation developed under our brand Retrowave VR. Previous titles include MaxVR and Magnatron 2.0. All the games have been built for Oculus, HTC Vive and Mobile VR and enfuse a combination of cyberpunk and retrowave styles.

The objective of this project is to immerse the player in a game mechanic tailored to melodies made with synthesizers, while experiencing a futuristic vision of the 80’s.


● Immersive graphics that transport you into a
   cyberpunk and retrowave world
● Pulsating Synthwave songs that push inspire you to
   improve your score
● Experience the thrill of riding the Synthwave
● Intuitive, it’s Intuitive and easy to understand game
   mechanics to enjoy the challenge
● Famous Synthwave musicians featured throughout
   the game