We all love updates. Optimizations, Content, Its all great. What we don’t love, is all of our mods breaking when said updates happen. Now you ask yourself, How do I prevent myself from losing everything on patch day? Lets show you how!

First things first. Lets tell steam to stop updating this game automatically.

– Find Beat Saber in your games list, Right click, Then click Properties.
– Once inside, left click the Updates tab and change the drop down to “Only update this game when I launch it”.
– Now at the top of Steam click where it says STEAM to get the main menu. Left Click “Go Offline”

This will prevent your game from updating until steam realizes there’s an actual update and forces you. At this point do NOT run Beat Saber unless you’re in offline mode. I would also recommend making a backup of your current game install just in case.



The developers were awesome and left us 12.2!