Mordhau – A swinging review of medieval melee combat

Sticky POSTED BY udiealot June 27, 2019 in Game Reviews
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Take a sip of your Mountain Dew Game Fuel because you will need that concentration for this game. Mordhau is a complex game of armor stricken blood hungry murderers. The game can house up to 64 players in a multi player format. There are 3 game modes found within. Frontline, which is 

an all out tug of war mode of capture bases, hold bases, fight the enemy team for glory. Horde mode teams you up with a few of your dearest buddies, or complete strangers to fight an everly increasingly difficult hordes of enemies, in which clearing the waves grants you gold to upgrade your items in that specific game. Battle Royale is also another mode, which I have not really played in, but think of Fortnite, PUBG, Apex, etc.. but with a twist of melee and some time between the 5th and 15th century. You get the picture there.

The game types

Combat in the game is strikingly rewarding for playing properly. It is a very high skill capped game, practice will surely measure an increase in your abilities. There are a number of weapon types to choose from, along with 3 forms of Armor to pick when creating a loadout. Some people prefer a bow or a shield, but some find viciously swinging for heads with a 2 handed weapon to be quite appealing. The secret to learning this game is putting in the time. Each swing is measured based on which direction you pull your mouse and you can sort of aim the swings. You can also block incoming swings with a variety of methods. The best way to achieve a kill is to outwit the enemy with a fake out or catch them off guard. 

Come at me bro

You also get points to create a load out of your choosing. 16 points are granted to complete your build out, these points are used when choosing armor , perks, and also weapons. Each item associated with a point reduction of your salaried amount. There are 3 types of armor in this game; light, medium, heavy. Each associated allows you to take more hits before dying. Perks are sort of talent like that give you a special ability such as taking less damage from fire, friend, or healing you when you make a kill. You can also level up by playing. Rewarding XP and gold. The gold is used to unlock cosmetics and also armor/weapons to use in the game. This game is not a pay to win type of deal.

Class modifications

This game is far from polished, but it’s really fun. For $30 it is worth a shot, you may like it after you get the basics down to a science. All in all, I have put in about 40 hours as of typing this out. Stick to it and try it out, take a swing. See you on the battlefield friends.