Hey there fam. QTpop here.

We’re not going to go through tech specs, hardware info, or anything through this little hands on. What I’d like to do is talk to you about it from the every day use stand point. The average consumer. Non Power users. So lets do that shall we?

Stand alone VR, the game changer. No PC required. No sensors to setup. No PC to plug into. But does the experience hold up?

Sure does. First impressions of the unit itself was impressive. Well built, Controllers feel great. Charge port and power buttons are in a good place. Volume is easily accessible. So first glances are looking promising.

First time in the headset? Wow, the headset really is more clear in general with native applications. Beat Saber for example, looks basically like the PC version at time of writing this. Setting up the guardian system was a breeze with the pass through cameras as well. Drawing your play space with the controllers is a thousand times easier than SteamVR or Rifts Guardian system. It takes all of 15 seconds to draw a play space and get going. Not only is this amazing for people who already are used to setting up VR, New users can really get going quickly. Being fully wireless is such a game changer. Being able to walk around, without fear of yanking a cord is amazing.

The big elephant in the room. Tracking. How was it? Is it good enough for “E+ Beat Saber?” “Is it better than WMR tracking?”. Yes. Behind the backs, spins, all the fun stuff you see me doing during streams, is all possible on the quest with Beat Saber. Games like Dead and Buried also just “Work” without having to think too much. There were times I totally forgot about not having sensors and not having a problem with the headset figuring out where my hands were even out of view. Beat Saber was obviously the choice for me to really push the tracking. It keeps up just fine, there was never a time where I questioned the tracking on a miss. It always felt like it was my fault. All in all they nailed the tracking for this headset. If this is the future of tracking, We’re headed in a great direction.


Should you buy one?

Yeah probably if you have any interest in VR. The setup is simple, The quality of the experience is fantastic, Its affordable ($399.99), and anyone can just pick it up and use it. This is the headset that changes the game. It’s going to be in peoples homes. You showed someone VR but they can’t do a full PC setup? This is what they are going to want. This is the VR headset my mother buys. This is the headset us enthusiasts take when we travel. This is the headset that ends up in every home. With the easy new room setup, pass through cameras, and amazing experiences this is really the headset to look out for. Well played Oculus, Well Played.

**EDIT** – To be very clear, This is my personal opinion on this topic. I was not paid to write this, in any way shape or form. I just believe in the product.