Override Beat Sabers Built-in Color Picker

Sourgurl here to help you get your custom Beat Saber colors back! To change colors hit windows key + r then paste this in: %AppData%..\LocalLow\Hyperbolic Magnetism\Beat Saber Open the file “PlayerData” in notepad. Look for the part near the bottom labeled “saberAColor” Edit the RGB’s for each sabers environmentColor = lights, obstaclesColor = walls You […]

PSA: Beat Saber Update. What You NEED To Know!

We all love updates. Optimizations, Content, Its all great. What we don’t love, is all of our mods breaking when said updates happen. Now you ask yourself, How do I prevent myself from losing everything on patch day? Lets show you how! First things first. Lets tell steam to stop updating this game automatically. – […]