Anthem – Is it the looter shooter you’ve needed in your life?

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Anthem is a Role-Playing, Action RPG by the developer BioWare, and the publisher EA. It was released officially on February 22nd, 2019.

As of this posting I have put in over 100 hours into the game so I will be giving you a run of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the game.

Freelancers taking on an ash titan.

The main story of the game, you are a freelancer who controls a customizable exosuit called a Javelin. You have a breakdown of 4 arch-types within the game. Ranger, Colossus, Storm, Interceptor. Each providing a unique playstyle that differs from the others. More on the breakdowns later.

The game has made slow progress since its plagued beta and demo playgrounds. The game was plagued with extremely poor networking and major disconnections and drops, making it almost unplayable for almost everyone. That was sorted out for the most part by time the early access was brought live.

Colossus, Interceptor, Ranger, Storm javelins.

The javelins, what are they?

Ranger. An overall versatile javelin. They are the starting class and you can unlock the others further on by just leveling up. These guys use grenades and use any weapon but a heavy weapon. They have a decent health pool and can also melee if needed. They are a true master of nothing, but they are still well rounded to be useful.

Colossus. A meaty metal shield of doom. These guys are the “tank” of the game. They have a shield and a lot of health and absorption. They rain down with heavy weapons and can taunt the attention of mobs to themself to eat damage.

Storm. This suit is a pure magical cannon of glass. They can nuke out some major damage, but can’t really take a hit. They die fast if they run out of their shield. They are the only class that can hover for extended periods of time. They can lay down some heat.

Interceptor. This is the current suit that I jam out in while inside the game. I have a 490 power score and a decent build out. The interceptor is designed to be aggressive with movement and melee attacks. They can take a few hits, but will die quickly. They use their speed to run in do some damage and run away. They are melee attack masters and chain this with juking and dodging.

What is this power thing you keep talking about?

Much like any game, the scaling of loot is done so by rarities and power levels. Each item is affixed with a rarity and a max power level that can be achieved by said rarity. The rarest items in the game are masterworks and legendaries. Uncommon is white, rare is blue, epic is purple, masterworks is orange, legendary is yellow. At max level 30 the caps on the items are 30, 34, 36, 45, 47 in respective order. Playing on harder difficulties increases your chances of landing the sought after masterworks and legendary items.

So what exactly is good about the game you ask?

Here are my thoughts. The graphics of the game are absolutely breathtaking. The game was able to capture so much in every aspect of environmental details, it is as if you were there in person. The networking has been sorted out, and seems smooth. On my rig, it is very smooth and plays perfectly fine. The combat feels very solid, the gun play and abilities are fun, the mobs can be challenging. The game feels like a Destiny reboot, but it did inject its own twists and made it refreshing. One thing I will list being bad, could turn out not so bad after all listed below. The lack of endgame content is a sore in the side, but they have a road map laid out for the 90 day action plan. This is a solid win on their part to lay out a roadmap to keep us playing and engaged.

What could be improved to make this game a shining star of games?

I really want changes to be made, I am not the only one here. I do not want another flop before it is too late. Currently the game lacks end-game content, once you hit the max level at 30, there are modes you climb through to get better items. Think of Diablo series for scaling difficulties. You start out on Easy and move to Hard and then progressing to Grandmasters 1, 2, and 3. You can play any of the game’s modes on these selected difficulties. The drops in-game of this looter shooter should feel rewarding, but not falling from the sky with no efforts. I feel that with the effort and time I have put into the game, I am still failing to see a few things here. The amount of legendaries are almost nonexistent. They did drop out a patch recently already to adjust masterworks items to tailor them to your build and items.. Loot in general is NOT in a good place for the game. There is another lingering issue that has graced us with its presence, the dreaded sound bug. The game just stops processing sound and the only current work around is to completely stop the game and relaunch it. Pretty annoying when you’re starting a mission and have to finish it out without sound.

The things that will most likely make you NOT want to pick up Anthem could be outweighed with a few tweaks and fixes. It is new, so give it time. I know you all remember the Destiny series, and how long it took them to get anywhere. I sure hope the gears are spinning at full turn over at BioWare and they keep up to their promises and do what they say they are going to do.

Flying in an exosuit, just like Iron Man.

My bottom line for Anthem.

Is it worth your hard earned mula, or should you skip out on this famed looter shooter? I feel that while it is still new and still has some polishing to be done, at the very least, drop $14.99 on the Origin Access and try it out. I received my copy free with my video card, and I will be honest I would have probably still shelled out the asking price if I did not get it free. It still has the potential to be what this game should be.

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