Welcome! We’re happy you want to play some Minecraft with us! Team Heartland Gaming currently has 1 active Minecraft server that is reset and wiped with a new mod pack approximately every 2 months. Future mod packs are voted for and selected by the THG discord community. Join in on the fun and start playing with us today!

Update 12/24/19 – Due to a corrupt world gen caused by a mixture of Forge/Sponge features we had to reset the world to properly generate certain biomes necessary for pack progression.

Current Server Information

Pack Starts: 12/20/19
Pack Ends: 2/20/20

  • IP Address: THG.mc-server.net
  • MC Version: 1.12.2
  • Mod Pack: Sevtech Ages v3.1.2 Hotfix 1
  • Mod Pack Launcher: Twitch App (search for Sevtech under Mods/Minecraft)